What are we/Objective:

We are a team of entrepreneurs, wildlife enthusiasts and scientists who want to work with nature and people and contribute to science, exploration and conservation. One of man's important primal instinct is to connect with nature and our organization strives to bring great experiences to people and want everyone to experience the great outdoors in all its glory.

Conservation is a diverse multidisciplinary subject and is a long term process which requires vast data on any particular species and understanding its threats in the environment, how to tackle it and bring about procedures in place to be successfully implemented in an area. It also needs the co-operation and involvement of communities in the grassroots level and to an extent the local stakeholders and the government who make policies. Conservation management is the key and is an impetus to any project and demands innovation and improvisation. We as an organization try to promote research and education by involving everyone.

Ecosphere's aim is to pass on the knowledge and expertise about our wonderful world and the myriad of creatures that live in it to as many people as we can. The project's aim is to collaborate with scientists, researchers and educators to establish successful models of work and also to comprise and build a diverse, functioning network of people and places with the right tools that empowers people from all backgrounds to understand our natural world better and help lead a sustainable, pragmatic lifestyle that suits everyone.

Location : Our first base, set on the bank of the river Arakavathi, near a quaint little village called Dabbaguli is surrounded with pristine tropical deciduous forests. It is a primitive rugged landscape with rich bio-diversity, adjoining reserve forest and close to Bangalore(only about an hour to an hour and half drive away) all for us to explore!

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